Pickets in support of entrepreneurs banned in Brest

У Брэсце забаранілі пікеты ў падтрымку прадпрымальнікаў

Brest activists of the United Civil Party were banned by the local authorities to hold pickets in support of individual entrepreneurs. On January 31, they planned to hold 14 street rallies in different places of the regional center, each of which was to last for an hour. UCP members wanted to express solidarity with the SPs, as well as to attract public attention to the problem of pressure on entrepreneurs and the need for market reforms in Belarus.

According to the press service of the United Civil Party, the executive committee banned two pickets in Brest due to the fact that the applicants did not conclude a service contract with the police, health and community services. The remaining 12 pickets were banned because the places where they were supposed to be held were not suitable for street protests.