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Mahilou election committee member pics blow up Internet

The badge proving that V. was a member of an election committee.
The woman has demanded to delete her  name, surname and Instagram photos from this news story.


“Saturday. December 30. A district election committee at the local elections of the Council of deputies of the 28th convocation. I need sleep, tasty food and a man most now,” V. from Mahilyou described her participation in the elections.

The young woman was a member of the election committee in Habrauskaya constituency No41. No doubt, V. is the showiest member of a Belarusian election committee!

V. is 25 years old. She is a consultant at Mary Kay and makes some money as a driving instructor. She was probably mistaken for a teacher on Instagram – there are people asking what subject she teaches at school while having such photos on Instagram… Yet, a driving school is a different thing.