Design of a new stadium in Minsk.

Construction of 'Chinese gifts' - a football arena and a swimming pool - begins in Minsk.

Jenifer H. Moore and Uladzimir Makei /​

Belarus expects Washington to approve the candidature of Minsk's envoy in the American capital rather sooner than later.

Live chains on the streets of Minsk / Euroradio​

Although the picket ended at 21:00, Minsk citizens continued to stand in live chains.

Rehearsal at the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater / Euroradio​

Rehearsals do not stop despite several confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk.

Volunteers unloading a vehicle with medical aid / Maryia Vaitovich, Euroradio​

"We have five minutes for lunch and then we need to unload the car!"

The Belarusian tennis star bought it in summer 2015 for $7 million.

Valeryja Hrybusava (centered) and Uladzislau Pashkevich (right), VAL duo / Euroradio

VAL will go to the Eurovision 2020 song contest in the Netherlands with the Belarusian-language song "Da Vidna".

The signing of the documents in Brussels / @onttvchannel

The signing ceremony took place on 8 January 2020 in Brussels.

A rally in Independence Square in Minsk on 20 December 2019 / Euroradio

Over 1500 people walked through downtown Minsk to protest against integration with Russia.