Pavel Seviarynec: “The regime is not to repent yet”

Preparations of the Belarusian opposition for the spring street political actions are in full swing. After lengthy discussions, the United Coalition of pro-democracy forces has eventually agreed to stage an all-out political rally on March 25.

Previously, all the opposition parties would take part. This time, however, the Party of the Communists has refused to join the organizing committee, but said it would not ban its members from participating.

The chairman of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, Vincuk Viachorka, stresses the context in which this year’s Freedom Day is going to be marked.

“We have agreed to focus our effort on marking the March 25 date as the Independence Day of Belarus.

This year, we would like to celebrate this day in the new internal and foreign political circumstances.

Firstly, there was March 2006, which became a turning point for the consciousness of the Belarusians. It demonstrated to the people in Belarus and to the whole world that we have a will to live in a free and European and Belarusian Belarus.

March 25, 2007 is a reminder not only about 1918, but also about the critical week between March 19 and March 25, 2006,“ Viachorka said.

Aliaksandr Milinkevich, the former presidential contender, says the March 25 celebrations are very important, as the political and economic independence of this country is still under threat.

“We must make it clear at the square that the pro-democracy forces stand firm for the independence of Belarus.

We must demand that the current authorities start destroying the Chinese wall between us and the European Union, the one that they have erected themselves.

For us, it is very important to renew our cooperation with Europe. It means great opportunities in economy and the guarantees of security and independence.

There are no anti-Russian politicians among us, and we want to build good neighborly relations with Russia.

But, it is very important for us that Russia respects our right to live in a sovereign country. Those at power have the last chance for reforms.

In my view, the celebrations should take place only at

Three statements were approved during the last meeting of the Organizing Committee for the Freedom Day celebrations.

The first statement addresses the president of Belarus, with a number of parties and organizations requesting a personal permission from Aliaksandr Lukashenka to stage a rally or a concert in the center of Minsk.

By the way, the organizers also invited the head of the state to join the Freedom Day street demonstration. The second statement appeals to the people of Belarus, calling on the citizens to come out on the

The third statement appeals to the world community. It is worth noting that the opposition is trying to find understanding with the authorities.

But, the events that took place on February 4 in Minsk will be instructive.

“During the meeting of the Central Council of the Malady Front (Youth Front), 27 people were arrested. The raid was carried out by the special police units. Fortunately, a majority of the detainees have been released, “ Viachorka said.

While the activists of the unregistered organization were interrogated at the Saviecky Police Department, police agents searched six of their apartments.

This is exactly the respond of the authorities to the attempt of the opposition to have a constructive dialogue with them. Over the past several months, we have seen the officials making statements either about the shift toward Europe or liberalization and democratization.

We have asked the political prisoner, Pavel Seviarynets to share his views on whether the pro-democracy opposition should appeal to the authorities with any letters.

“I believe that a criminal can become a righteous man on one condition only: repentance. If this happens after 13 years when the Belarusian nation has been degraded and the people of Belarus has been killed through alcoholism and the economic policies, I will believe in a good will of the Lukashenka regime.

Otherwise, it is only a game which aims to deceive the Europeans and the people of Belarus. Therefore, the arrest of the Malady Front leadership is a graphic evidence of the fact that the regime is not going to repent yet,” Seviarynets told the European Radio for Belarus.


Kalinouski Squareand to demand that Lukashenka meet the proposed EU conditions urgently.

Kalinouski Square. This is a matter of principle and morals. If we proceed to another location, we will betray ourselves,” Milinkevich told the European Radio for Belarus.