pARTisan issue launch party in Mahilyou


Contributors Valyantsin Akudovich, Ales Antsipenka and Maksim Zhbankou held a launch party for a new issue of the pARTisan magazine in Mahilyou on Thursday as part of the Budzma campaign. The issue focuses on loser culture, which transformed into "an ill-fortune nation" stereotype in Belarus.

  "pARTisan reflects on mutations of Western losership on the local territory. It is a mixture of Charles Bukowski and Tom Waits with Belarusian classical 'It will be trouble' and post-modernist 'We Belarusians, we deserve it.'"


Antsipenka noted that pARTisan features new authors, including young intellectuals like Maryyka Martysevich and Paval Svyardlou.