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Parcel for Izrailevich accepted in KGB prison


Akradz Izrailevich’s wife Marharyta has managed to leave a parcel in the KGB prison, the family’s friends told 

Nevertheless, KGB has not officially confirmed the detention of the businessman so far. “No comment,” KGB official spokesperson Andrei Yarash told journalists on the morning of November 6.

Reports about Arkadz Izrailevich’s detention for bribe-giving appeared in mass media on the evening of October 31. No law-enforcement department has confirmed that ‘Izrailevich’s case’ is being investigated yet.

Izrailevich is in the top-100 of the most influential businessmen in Belarus, Yezhednevnik reports. His group of companies IB has built a number of business centres and apartment houses in Minsk. Izrailevich was also involved in oil products trade and owns a share fraction of Minsk coating plant.

The businessman became known in connection with the scandal caused by the construction of the restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” near Kurapaty. Novy Chas reporters revealed that Izrailevich was the final beneficiary of the complex built near mass graves. The businessman tried suing the newspaper but lost in court.