Paleckis to replace "improvements" with "some improvements"

Euroradio has found out that MEP Justas Paleckis’ report containing EU recommendations on improvement of the situation in Belarus will be supplemented.

"I have said many times that the text is preliminary. I am going to add 30 or 40 changes and additions.”

Justas Paleckis mentioned possible changes in an interview with Euroradio before. The wording concerning the the human rights situation that many people criticized may also be changed.

"I think that it will be changed by me and my colleagues. We will add Viasna’s statistics proving that the repressions have decreased by 3.5 times. It can be found on their website. You cannot ignore it. But we will also present negative facts.” 

Euroradio: What will the wording be like?

"It may be replaced with “some changes”. We will discuss it. It will be a chance to discuss the state of relations with Belarus and prospects of their development instead of simply reacting to the situation. We need a discussion to make MEPs express their opinion. Everyone knows that the situation is not good. But what can be done? How can the situation be improved? Criticism is always good.”

Everyone can suggest something. Send your short messages to — buras(at)paleckis. Lt and the address for detailed suggestions is — justas.paleckis(at)europarl

 The report and its discussion will help the European parliament learn more about Belarus.

"My colleagues are finding out more and more. I will add the results of street polls and statistics explaining a lot to my additions. Some European politicians think that we should turn away from Belarus. I think that this is a wrong approach. The attention should be increased.” 

The main term of cooperation with Belarus is the release of all political prisoners and their acquittal, Justas Paletski told Euroradio earlier. His report about Belarus aroused sharp criticism. There were fewer violations of human rights in Belarus in 2012 in comparison with 2011, human rights defenders admitted. However, it does not mean that the human rights situation has improved.