“Palats” and “Parason” bands get to selection tour of “Eurofest”


The notorious visit of Belarusian rock musicians to the head of the Main Ideological Department of the President’s Administration Aleh Pralyaskouski must have not been paid in vain.

It has become known that the bands “Palats” and “Parason” promoted to the selection tour by ERB have been allowed to take part in it. The leader of “Palats” Aleh Hamenka told us that they had already been contacted with and invited to a closed audition:

Aleh Hamenka: “The first organizational meeting with the people who applied for Eurofest should take place on Friday”.

ERB decided to find out what the audition Aleh Hamenka was invited to would be like. Anastasіya Tsіhanovіch confessed to us that 15 candidates whose names would be announced on December 11 would be chosen there:

“It is a closed audition where 15 semi-finalists of the project will be selected”.

By the way, not everyone has managed to get to the audition. Anastasіya Tsіhanovіch told us that there were people who had been “left in the basket”.

Anastasіya Tsіhanovіch: “We are accepting demo-versions and normal versions of songs listening to which you understand what kind of person the singer is and what the song is about and so on.

There were songs that could not be accepted at Eurovision, for example, Russian chanson. There were people singing songs that did not belong to them – some girls used an Iryna Darafeeva’s song. That’s not the thing we needed.

It is not a vocal contest. It is a contest of the song, of the singer, it is a show. So it has to be your own song. That’s the most important thing”.

Let us remind you that appeals for Eurovision are no longer accepted although the exact number of participants is still unknown.

Anastasіya Tsіhanovіch: “There are 116 appeals at the moment. An official press conference will be organized on December 11. The exact number will be announced there because appeals keep arriving. Some people sent them by post and the date on their parcels is before November 27”.

According to Anastasіya Tsіhanovіch, the majority of lyrics are in English and Russian. But there are also songs in Belarusian and French.

Іvan Bushlai, Vіctar Pshanіchny, Dzmіtry Smolskі and Ruslan Alyahno are among the more or less famous musicians who sent their appeals. Some finalists and semi-finalists of Eurofest 2006 are also trying to get a second opportunity: “The projekt”, the band “Svayakі” and a singer Lena.

Let us remind you that 3 out of 15 candidates will be chosen in a live show on the First National Channel on December 21. Two of them will be chosen by the jury and one will be chosen by TV viewers.