Khashchevatski: Israel sent 'wrong' ambassador to Belarus


Talking to Israeli TV channel RTVI, Joseph Shagal said there were no political prisoners - only criminals. Later, he stressed in an interview with Belapan that he should have replaced the word "criminals" with the definition "people convicted on criminal charges."

Prominent documentary film director Yury Khashchevatski called to boycott the Israeli ambassador. Euroradio has asked Mr Khashchavatski how Shagal could be boycotted by someone who is not usually invited to diplomatic receptions.

Khashchevatski: "This is a complex question, but I think when someone understands how Joseph Shagal is, he or she will realize that standing next to this person is inappropriate, that would already be enough. Moral condemnation means a lot."

If we keep telling everyone that Israel sent a bad diplomat to serve as ambassador in Minsk, it would be sufficient to destroy this person morally, says Khashchevatski.

Photo: Yuri Khashchevatski (by