Olympic Sochi changed appearance?


The Olympic Games will be held in Sochi on February 7-23. This is how the Olympic Flame reached Sochi.






Arenas interesting to Belarusians


Darya Domracheva and Nadzeya Skardzina will compete for Olympic medals in this skiing and biathlon complex. Other Belarusian biathletes may be a success too. The complex is situated 90 kilometres away from the centre of Sochi.

The ski jump for freestyle skiing – our sportsmen Hrushyn, Dashchynski and Kushnir will compete there.

Architectural transformation of the Olympic capital

Sochi is an ordinary Soviet city restyled for the event. Does it look good now? Judge for yourself.


The Olympic village.

A 5-storey Brezhnev building decorated by palm trees.

At the Olympic village.

When Russian officials hear complaints about the imperfection of the organization of the Games, they suggest standing and staring at the local mountains.





Fireworks rehearsal before the opening ceremony

Mere mortals in Sochi

Olympic volunteers

Fan’s passports are required to access the sports arenas.

Stray dogs were being actively poisoned before the Olympics in Sochi. They seem to be left alone now thanks to numerous foreign journalists and animal defenders’ complaints.