Okean Elzy to tour Belarus with free concerts

Velcom, a mobile communication operator, is to stage a huge music action with participation of Belarus's and Ukrainian stars. The shows are scheduled to take place from July 28 through September 2 in different cities across the nation. Ukraine's legendary band Okean Elsy (Elsa's Ocean) will become the headliner during the shows in Hrodna, Brest, Babrujsk, Polack, Navapolack and Vicebsk.
In other cities, including 10 smaller district centers, organizers want to bring stars like Lyapis Trubetskoy, J-Mors and possibly Krambambulja. The total line-up of bands will be detrmined through an sms-voting.

Velcom has put Piotr Elfimov, Topless, Mary Poppins, Alexey Khlestov, Corianna, Nemo, J-Mors and Krambambulja for the public sms-vote. The European Radio for Belarus has called Velcom to find out how you could vote for your favorite band.

"Velcom's subscribers are able to vote for the band they would like to see in their city. The list of the bands and the terms of the vote are posted on our official web-site. If this band collects the majority of votes, it will be given a go-ahead to participate the tour," Velcom's spokesman told our radio.

In order to vote, you need to send an sms-message that will be charged Br40 only. There is no limitation on the number of votes.

All the concerts will be free of charge.

The list of the bands is available at http://velcom.by/ru/services/voting