Offices of opposition parties decorated with red-green bands

Unidentified personalities today attached red-green bands to the windows of the office that belongs to the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front when it was hosting a press conference of the committee that organizes the European March. Later, when the office staff were removing the bands, a television crew from the Belarusian Television appeared and taped the developments.
The Belarusian Popular Front told the European Radio for Belarus that they had no idea who attached the bands. Meanwhile, the official news agency Belta reported about a flash-mob of youngsters who protest against the opposition actions.

"Energetic youth groups today could be seen near the headquarters of opposition parties in Minsk. During flash-mobs, boys and girls were attaching red-green bands to the doors and windows of those parties' offices and releasing soap bubbles to symbolize that the opposition is a ghost in terms of its economic and social programs," reports Belta.

The United Civil Party said red-green bands were found near their office. The party said they could spot a young man, running away from the office doors. The Belarusian Popular Front said they did not see anyone not to mention "energetic youth groups".