Nominating single candidate is your own business, EU envoys tell Nyaklyaeu


A meeting of ambassadors and leaders of the opposition was held on October 28 in Minsk. According to the leader of the Tell the truth campaign Uladzimir Nyakliayeu, meeting was devoted to the topic of human rights. The politician said that they spoke about the detention of democratic activists Paval Vinagradau and Yuri Rubtsou, increased pressure on civil society in Belarus. 

Nyakliayeu: "And we all concluded: the most important thing that can be today is free and transparent elections in 2015. They will solve many problems, including the problem of political prisoners. We said that this is one of our main objectives - to achieve this."

In response, the Belarusian opposition heard, according to Nyakliayeu, that European diplomats will use all possible means to help achieve this goal -- the liberation of the political prisoners. 

The election of a single opposition candidate for the elections in 2015, claims the leader of Tell the Truth, was practically not discussed. According to diplomats, it is an internal issue of the Belarusian opposition, which it must decide as it thinks fit. 

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