Number of cases connected with bankruptcy and debts to increase in courts

The number of cases connected with bankruptcy and debts may increase in Belarusian economic courts. The head of the Higher State Court (HSC) Victar Kamyanyakou expressed such an opinion.

According to him, “many enterprises working in the import sphere have already encountered problems and it will affect the work of courts”, - said V.Kamyanyakou.

He noted that indebtedness cases usually made about 80% of all cases in economic courts. The number increased by about 1.5 times in December and January.

V.Kamyankou stressed that the HSC was going to decrease the number of bankruptcy cases. “The readjustment procedure may last for up to 10 years”. V.Kamyanyakou thinks that it is necessary “to work with state organs in order to make them take decisions about readjustment or liquidation of enterprises before trials”.