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Nivea products banned for import and sales in Belarus

Import and sales of Nivea products are prohibited in Belarus /​

The import and sales of certain goods of the Nivea brand are temporarily prohibited in Belarus. According to the Health Ministry's press service, the decree was signed by Deputy Minister - Chief State Sanitary Inspector Alyaksandr Tarasenka on April 6.

It says that sanitary and epidemiological service experts have identified several violations: the sales of Nivea products without documents certifying the quality and safety and the fact that the stores sold expired products of this company. Some Nivea products reportedly do not meet the requirements of the Customs Union's technical regulations "On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics" in terms of labeling. "In particular, the labeling does not contain information about the name and location of the organization authorized by the manufacturer to accept claims from consumers, or the name of the product does not correspond to its ingredient composition, which does not allow to fully protect consumers' rights and get reliable information about the purchased product," stated in the press service of the Ministry of Health.

In January 2021, Nivea refused to sponsor this year's World Hockey Championship if it was held in Belarus. This was explained by the fact that the company is against all forms of discrimination and violence. The withdrawal of major sponsors pushed the transfer of the tournament from Minsk.

To not make the ban of Nivea products look like an act of open revenge on the part of the Belarusian authorities, the Ministry of Health reports that in total, the sanitary service banned the sale of nearly 3,000 names of perfumes and cosmetics from various manufacturers.