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Naviband hires Ukrainian team to prepare for Eurovision

Photo: Euroradio

The Eurovision 2017 entry from Belarus Naviband have given a press conference at the office of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine newspaper. Kseniya Zhuk and Artsyom Lukyanenka described some details of their performance in Kiev.


According to the musicians, a team of Ukrainian professionals is in charge of their performance. They worked with Zlata Ognevich and Jamala. Choreographer Tatiana Ostroverh, Jamala’s stylist Dmitri Kurata and the her group of producers are part of the team. The performance will be based on the idea of a flight which corresponds to their song, the musicians think. Kseniya and Artsyom will perform on stage without the band but there will be four backing vocalists (the trio Biatris and Mikhail Sosunov).

"We like the media space in Ukraine, the way musicians are developing and the music they are producing so we have decided to prepare our performance in Kiev,” the musicians said.

The band is rehearsing in Kiev and they have to visit the city pretty often. Kseniya and Artsyom are attending Volha Drazdova’s singing classes in Minsk. The Belarusian State Broadcasting Company is paying for everything. Syarhei Andryyanau is the band’s promo-manager.

Naviband, Eurovision-2017 presenter Timur Miroshnichenko and PR manager Syarhei Andryyanau

Naviband will perform in the second Eurovision semifinal on May 11 (#15).

The musician will give an acoustic concert in Minsk Palace of Trade Unions on April 23. It will be their ‘send-off’ before the contest in Kiev.