Muslim Brothers urge for uprising in Egypt


The Muslim Brothers called for an "uprising" on Monday after the clash near the headquarters of the elite Republican Guard. First, a group of armed people attacked the military object, one officer died, about 40 military men were wounded. After that, the army opened the fire. According to some information, 35 people died, several dozens were wounded, about 200 people were arrested.

On Monday, the Egypt army has increased its presence in Cairo. Tahrir Square has been sealed, as well as all state institutions. The security forces have blocked the supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Mursi, who are holding a protest action, in the area of Rabia al-Adawiyya Square An-Nahda Square, informs RIA Novosti.


The protests of the opposition have been happening in Egypt for a long time - the opposition accused President of giving the power to the Muslim Brothers exclusively as this was the organization he came from. They also accused him of failure to keep his pre-electoral promises and inability to lead the country which caused "economic and political crisis" in the end.

At night on July 4, the army of Egypt ousted Mursi, temporarily suspended the constitution and authorized the judge of the Constitutional Court Adly Mansour to take over responsibility of the state leader. The ousted president disagreed with that and urged his supporters "not to let violation of law happen". After that, he was isolated.

Photo - Reuters