Muscovite urges to deprive Andrei Makarevich of order and titles

Muscovite Lyudmila Lisunova has created a petition at “Deprive Andrei Makarevich of all his titles and the order For the Service to Homeland”.

The petition mentions the pressure exercised by the USA and European Union on Russia ‘because of its decision to support the Ukrainian people’.

"Makarevich joined murderers from Maidan and walked along Moscow streets on March 15. He was shouting out Bandera’s mottoes “Bandera will come and put everything in order!” the author of the petition says. “He was applauding to a Maidan sotnik whose arms are covered with blood up to the elbows! He understands very well what will happen to people in East and South Ukraine when groups of fascists come ‘to establish order’ there. It means that Makarevich is appealing for murders in Ukraine and Russia! Only the best people in Russia can be awarded the order For the Service to Homeland. The fact that Makarevich received it discredits the essence of the order.”

The March of Peace was organized in Sakharov Avenue in Moscow. Its main motto was No to War and it was directed against military conflicts between the neighbouring states.

Mashina Vremeni frontman Andrei Makarevich has been criticizing Putin’s policy from the very beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.