MP calls on Russia to return valuables taken from Belarus during WWII

Ihar Marzaliuk/ BELTA
Ihar Marzaliuk/ BELTA

Member of the House of Representatives, historian Ihar Marzalyuk recently spoke on STV about the Belarusian valuables taken during the war to Russia.

"I think it would be right and in the allied nature in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory for those values that we rescued in 1941 from the Nazis to return to our historical homeland," said Marzalyuk. "Especially since people, sacrificing their lives, took them out of Minsk and passed them on temporary acts...for temporary storage, until the war was over".

The deputy is convinced that "the time has come to return those values that are now stored in the Russian Federation, which are our property under all acts of law".

In the same story, Director of the Museum of History of Mahilou Alyaksei Batsyukou noted that Russian legislation allows returning such valuables to Germany, but not to Belarus. That is why, as Culture Minister Yury Bondar says, if something can be returned, it will bedone either with the help of patrons of art or through exchange.