MP: Ban on administrative buildings photos is overreation

There is no secret document forbidding people to photograph administrative buildings – neither journalists, nor MPs have ever seen it, MP Valery Barazdenya confessed to Euroradio.

The ban on photographing administrative buildings is ‘going too far’.

Valery Baradzenya: “I have never seen such documents. Probably, someone is misinterpreting state documents… There are objects that cannot be photographed. But there have always been objects like that and there are such buildings in any state. There are objects where it would be good to have a lot of people making pictures. I would be glad if millions of Europeans photographed in front of any building situated in Independence Avenue.”  

Journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda Dzmitry Lasko was detained for four hours for taking pictures of the decorative lighting of the Academy of Sciences on February 26. The Minister of Internal Affairs had signed some document forbidding to photograph administrative buildings a few days before, the policemen explained. However, they did not name the document.