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Minsk woman fined for chaining herself to column in central square

Alena Talstaya /

Co-chairperson of the solidarity movement “Razam” Alena Talstaya has been fined 1020 roubles (40 base amounts) by Minsk's Central District Court. She has been punished for her performance act in Kastrycnickaja Square on March 25, Radio Liberty reports.

The activist chained herself to a large vase in Kastrychnitskaya Square. Talstaya expressed her protest against the detentions that followed the concert and meeting held in Minsk on the eve of Freedom Day – March 24. She was also protesting against the restriction of political freedom in Belarus.

The woman had been on hunger strike for three days in the detention centre before the trial. She was not allowed to lodge complaints in jail, the woman said in court.

The activist’s lawyer asked for a verdict of not guilty since she had not violated the Administrative Code.