Minsk tax inspectors reveal 900 people living above their means

Падатковая выявіла ў Мінску больш за 900 чалавек, якія жывуць не па сродках

Head of Minsk tax inspectorate Andrei Sabaleuski has announced that tax inspectors conducted 1.8 thousand checkups in the first nine month of the year.

More than 950 citizens live above their means. The budget received Br11.9 billion.

The head of the tax inspectorate set an example of living above one’s means. An unemployed Minsker bought a car for Br200 million and a flat for Br639 million.

His expenses exceeded the income by Br858.9 million roubles. The Minsker has paid the tax of 103 million roubles.


Photo: RIA Novosti