Minsk restaurant suspends operation, cooks free lunches for doctors

Restaurant team / molamola.by
Restaurant team / molamola.by

The Minsk-based Grillman restaurant decided to suspend operation over the spreading coronavirus infection. The plan is to reopen in two months.

During this pause, the restaurant staff decided to help the doctors, fighting against the coronavirus. "The doctors are at work so that we can stay home and we can feed them tasty home-made food to make them feel a little better," the owners said.

Since March 26, the restaurant's team has supplied hot lunches to the medical personnel of Minsk City Infectious Disease Clinic. Since they can't cover all the expenses on their own, the restaurateurs started a crowdfunding campaign on the MolaMola platform to raise funds for disposable tableware and food.

They want to collect 12,000 Belarusian rubles ($5800) for the planned 12,000 lunches for doctors. A set of disposable tableware at purchase prices costs about 1.10 rubles.

The restaurant promises to spend 60 thousand roubles of its own funds on this campaign. Some ingredients for lunches will be given to it free of charge by their partners: hypermarket chain Vitalyur, Bro Bakery, Bakery BakeZavod, Veles Food, Petrukha, etc.

During the first day they managed to collect 3,000 rubles for the doctors' lunches. On the evening of March 26, this amount exceeded 3,800 rubles.