Football: Dynama Minsk players comment on head coach replacement


According to mass media, the issue has already been decided and the head coach will be replaced. Aleh Pratasau has already been fired and his position may be taken either by Dutchman Robert Maaskant or Portuguese Paulo Sousa. However, Dynama players do not know anything about it.

 “We are training as usual. There are many rumours but our coach is Aleh Pratasau,” halfback of Minsk Dynama Alyaksandr Danilau said. “We will not be the first ones notified about changes.”

 Dynama star Dmitrii Sychyov has not commented on the information but he thinks that the club needs stability and a strategy to win gold medals. He does not know anything about the reshuffle of coaches either. 

In the photo: Dmitrii Sychyov and Alyaksandr Danilau