Ministry of Justice is suspicious about Christian values


The Ministry of Justice has refused to register a social civil association “Belarusian Christian Democracy”. The secretary of the organization’s steering committee Dzyanis Sadouski informed ERB about it.
That how he commented on the main reason for the refusal:

“It turned out that we had not explained what we meant by “defending Christian values and upholding Christian principles”. Unfortunately, they do not understand what it means. So the Ministry of Justice refused to register us.

Now the initiators of creation of the civil association are going to lodge a complaint to the court. “We have no hopes but we have to do it”, - says Dzyanis Sadouski.

Let us remind you that Christian democrats one of the leaders of whose is Pavel Sevyarynets, are also preparing a meeting of the “Belarusian Christian Democracy” party. It is planned to take place at the end of winter.