Mihail Kasyanov becomes Russian opposition’s presidential candidate

In 2008 the Russian presidential candidate will be Mihail Kasyanov from the Russian People’s Democratic Union, informs “RIA-Novosti”. His candidacy was approved by the delegates of the RPDU congress that started in Moscow on June 2.
The main idea of his election campaign is improvement of the social sphere. The former Russian Prime Minister promises to restore the free system of healthcare, establish a stable “pension system” and cancel the conscription. Moreover, Kasyanau promises to settle a fourth of Russians into new houses during the first three years of his presidency.

It is expected that Mihail Kasyanov will also be a candidate from the party “Other Russia”. It was informed that the opposition would choose several candidates and then select one of them after a voting.

Irina Hakamada also noted that Kasyanau was going to be a Russian Milinkevich – the common candidate of the opposition.