Memorial sign "To Your Martyrs, Belarus" unveiled near Homel


Local pro-democracy activists today unveiled a memorial sign "To Your Martyrs, Belarus!" at the site of mass executions during the Stalinist repressions near the city of Homel.  The mass graves of the people executed in Try Slupy and Borki were found this year by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus. The government said that experts failed to identify whether the remains belonged to the victims of NKVD-staged executions.

At the same time, democratic activists found several witnesses from among the local residents who confirmed that the Stalin's secret police executed people in these woods.

Besides, the children of the repressed who had access to their parents' files in KGB archives in the early 1990s confirmed that the Stalin's police executed there the residents of the villages of Kantakuzauka and Krasnaye.

The Homel City Hall did not authorized the action, but it was nevertheless staged under a permanent surveiilance of the police.

A total of 50 people took part in the action, reports Balapan.