Member of Kozulin's nomination group detained in Salihorsk


Human rights activist Yana Palyakova was today detained by the police in the city of Salihorsk, lawyer Aleh Vouchak told the European Radio for Belarus. "Three police agents detained her at home with the use of force. Her hand is injured", he said.

Vichyk noted that Palyakova is a member of Volha Kozulina's nomination group. Investigators from the local KGB department had tried to interrogate her for three days before.

Aleh Vouchak: "The motifs vary from the July 4 blast case to checks why she, living in Salihorsk, was collecting signatures for Volha Kozulina. Palyakova gathered most of the signatures, because she could talk to people".

Yana Palyakova wrote a complaint to the Office of the Prosecutor's General, but was detained today. She collapsed while at the police station and was admitted to a local hospital. She is "guarded" by police officers.