MAZ to assemble Chinese cars Chery


The management of Minsk Auto Works (MAZ) in February 2009 met with representatives of the Chinese company Chery to discuss the organization of a complete assembly of Chinese cars at the Belarusian enterprise, reports RBK Daily.
A business plan is expected to be finalized by April 2009. The output, the forms of cooperation and investments were not discussed during the meeting.

Nevertheless, Sergei Varyvoda, the director of the Chinese Cars company -- the official importer of Chery in Belarus, reckons that Chinese are prepared to invest in the construction of a complete-cycle assembly line, because in late 2008 they obtained a $1.5-billion loan for export projects.

At the same time, Varyvoda noted that the Belarusian market is not yet ready to swallow a huge number of Chinese cars. It is assumed that part of the assembled cars would be exported to Russia.