Maryia Kalesnikava abducted by plainclothes agents in central Minsk

Maryia Kalesnikava / Euroradio 

Unknown men today forced Coordination Council member Maryia Kalensikava into a van bearing Telecom inscription in central Minsk. The vehicle took off in an unknown direction, reports quoting Nastassia, a witness.

The abduction occurred at approximately 10:05 near the National Art Museum in downtown Minsk. Nastassia says she recognized Kalesnikava and wanted to greet her with the heart sign (the symbol of Viktar Babaryka's election campaign). 

"I saw a dark van with Telecom inscription on board parked near the museum. I also saw the van make in the rear - Sobol. I walked forward and heard the sound of a telephone falling on the asphalt and some hassle. I turned and saw plainclothes people in masks pushing Maryia into that van, her telephone falling. One of the men picked the phone, jumped into the van and they took off," Nastassia told reporters.

She says she was scared to record the abduction on her phone as it was very near. She feared she could also be detained as a witness.

Kalesnikava was on her way to a post office in Engelsa street to pick a parcel from KGB. She said about it to Euroradio editor Zmicier Lukashuk several minutes before the abduction.

The press secretary of the Coordination Council Anton Radniankou found out about Kalesnikava's disappearance from reporters and began to make inquiries. At 11:00, his phone became inaccessible.

According to another Coordination Council Presidium member Maksim Znak, he has lost contact with them. Also inaccessible are Coordination Council member and EPAM Senior Vice President Maksim Bahratsou and Coordinational Council's executive secretary Ivan Krautsou.

Only two out of seven members of the Coordination Council Presidium Maksim Znak and Svetlana Alekiyevich remain free. Siarhei Dyleuski and Lilia Ulasava were detained. Volha Kavalkova was forced into Poland. Pavel Latushka is abroad. 

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