FM Makei says there is no quick solution for Ukraine crisis

Uladzimir Makei in Slovenia. Photo:

Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei sees no way to settle the crisis in East Ukraine in the near future, according to his statement after a visit to Slovenia on July 24.


"All the sides should stick to the Minsk agreements to establish peace in the region,” Makei noted. “It is not being done at the moment and it means that we need to think about the organization of another meeting either “in the Normandy format” or with others stakeholders involved. The meeting could help to revise the agreements reached in 2015 and pave way for more controls over the fulfillment of the agreements. In this case, the process of settling the conflict in eastern Ukraine could be more successful.


Makei did not elaborate what other participants he would like to invite to the negotiation “in the Normandy format”. However, it would not be a meeting of Russia, Ukrain and Belarus, he noted.

"Belarus is interested in stopping the crises in our southern neighbourly nation as quickly as possible,” Belarusian Minister for Foreign Affairs added.