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Main political results of 2016


Director of Centre for European Transformation Andrei Yahorau and senior analyst of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Dzyanis Melyantsou have summed up the political results of 2016. Here are the recorded interviews and selected extracts.


Andrei Yahorau



"There have been two important events in 2016 – beautifully perverted parliamentary elections and the absence of economic reforms.”

"The fact that the coordination group Belarus-EU has started functioning is a good sign. Representatives of the social society have been included in the group for the first time.”

"The dynamics of Belarus’ relations with the EU and Russia is not directly connected. But the European card is often played in the relations with Russia.”  

"We should demonstrate loyalty only when Russia is paying. If it is not paying, we should be restoring the symbolic independence. The arrests of Regnum authors can be explained by this.”

"What has the opposition done in 2016? Nothing. Maybe Dashkevich’s hooliganism can be mentioned.”



Dzyanis Melyantsou  

"Main political event of the year? The parliamentary elections, lifting of EU sanctions and a long crisis in the relations with the Russian Federation.”


"The authorities had no need to let oppositionists join the Parliament. But it was a great signal for the West. Such things always sell very well.”

"We should not expect anything great from opposition MPs. What can an MP know? If an oppositionist became the KGB chief then it would be different… I think that the Parliament is also affecting the oppositionists.”

"The sanctions were an obstacle to the dialogue with the EU. There are no obstacles now and the dialogue is being conducted on a different level. A lot of important visits are being paid.”

"Official Minsk is trying to poke new Russia with an old stick. It is scary.”