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Lukashenka's press office refutes stroke rumors

Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Photo: Euroradio

In the morning of 30 July, the Russia-based channel Nezygar on Telegram published a post alleging that Aliaksandr Lukashenka had suffered a stroke. The information contained some details and looked somewhat convincing:

“It is known that Lukashenka has Type 3 diabetes. Meanwhile, Lukashenka reportedly suffered a cerebral infarction when in the swimming pool. His visit to Homiel had to be canceled," the author of the anonymous Telegram channel that wants to look like leaking insider information wrote.

Media outlets did not pay attention to this post. The anonymous Nezygar is not regarded as a reliable source. The 'insider information' on Belarus were rebutted on several occasions.

Moreover, Lukashenka's visit to Homiel was never officially confirmed. There were reports from the residents in the city center that they were told not to open windows on 27 July; a Maybach similar to the one in the Lukashenka's fleet was also spotted near a local chidren's hospital.

The visit to Homiel did not happen, indeed.