Lukashenka’s Big Family project does not exist?

Euroradio tried to find information about the Big Family project. The Belarusian President mentioned the project during his visit to BelAZ: “We are thinking about the way to support women. And families… I have been suggested the project Big Family. We could pay $10 thousand for the first child. We will open a dollar account. $20 thousand for the second child. And twice as much for the third one.  If you put money to the account yourself, we will give you twice more.”

Will the state find $2 billion to pay for newborn children? 

 However, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the President’s press service cannot comment on it and do not know who is working on the project.

Meanwhile, the project means that some account should be opened so that the money for children could be sent there, deputy head of the Human rights, National Elations and Mass Media Commission Tamara Krasouskaya told BELTA.

Euroradio phoned Tamara Krasouskaya’s assistant.

"She will not comment on it [Tamara Krasouskaya – Euroradio’s note]. She expressed her opinion and it was misunderstood. She cannot comment on this project because it is not ready,” the assistant said.

The Ministry of Finance is working on it, they told Euroradio. However, it is too early to discuss the project, press secretary Iryna Komar said. More information will appeared at the end of October.