Lukashenka wanted to punish official who is MP now

Alyaksandr Lukashenka mentioned corruption in Baranavichy City Executive Committee during a meeting on December 10. The head of the construction department used the enterprise money to pay for her trips abroad. The President asked head of Brest Province Executive Committee Kanstantsin Sumar: “The head of Baranavichy City Executive Committee was sacked. Did you make him responsible?” “We did and he was fired due to many issues,” Sumar replied. “What about the money?” wondered Lukashenka. “He returned the money,” quotes Kanstantsin Sumar.

Mikalai Yazubets was head of Baranavichy City Executive Committee when the official misappropriated the money. He did leave the position in September 2012. However, he was not fired – he was elected MP.