Lukashenka: They are building Independence palace, not a new residence


"The idea of this complex is to present the last biggest point of our independence visually," says Alyaksandr Lukashenka, quoted by Interfax-West. - If you wish, this is a visual demonstration that Belarus is a country that has everything: the land, the coat-of-arms, and this Independence Palace."

According to the state leader, the palace is to host "key state events", like delivery presentation of credentials to the ambassadors, or meetings of the foreign state leaders. The State Flag Square will be located in front of the palace. 

Lukashenka has noted, that "they write about the Presidential residence and stuff - just keep calm about it". Previously, the possible appropriation of the big building was broadly discussed in the media. There was an idea that it will be a new Presidential residence.

Photo - Solidarity