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Lukashenka: "There will be no new election unless you kill me"

Lukashenka in front of МZKT workers in Minsk on August 17, 2020  / Screenshot from video

There will be no new presidential elections with Aliaksandr Lukashenka alive, Lukashenka said Monday while making a speech in front of the strategic MZKT factory workers in Minsk. 

Speaking inside the factory's premises, Lukashenka asked workers: "Are you talking about unfair elections and you want to hold fair elections?"

"Yes!" the workers responded.

Then Lukashenka said: "I am answering this question. We have held elections. Unless you kill me, there will no new election."

The state news agency BELTA paraphrased Lukashenka's words as follows: "You will never see that I do something under pressure. There will be no election."

After Lukashenka finished his speech, workers started to whistle and shout: "Leave!"

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