Lukashenka takes a rest in Sochi


Last weekend the Belarusian President with his family arrived at the resort in Krasnaja Polyana. A Belarusian recreational complex which took several years to be build opened there on Saturday.

According to “KP Kuban”, the complex stretches across 2 hectares of land. There is a hotel of 30 double rooms, a gymnasium and everything needed for skiing.

Interestingly, the local population will not be able to take a rest there because it is built only for Belarusians. About 50 people came to the complex with Lukashenka.

We asked a singer Iryna Darafeeva (who is now in Krasnaja Polyana) about the criteria according to which the delegation members have been chosen:

“There are sportsmen, cultural workers, journalists and just people who can represent Belarus.

Taking into account the fact that trip is connected with the opening of the complex “Belarus”, there are also people who created the show, for example, I can sing many Belarusian national songs”.

Iryna also told us how the Belarusian delegation was spending their vacation:

“In various ways! Most performances have already been given, there is only one more concert left and now we have an opportunity to go skiing.

I spend my time with a Belarusian biathlonist Aliona Zybrylava and an Olympic Champion Syarhey Bulyhin. I have started to ski better and conquer the mountains.

This is a great merit of our President – he likes sport and makes everyone turn to it. All members of the delegation tried skiing and I think there are no mere people who are indifferent to it here”.

We wondered whether there was someone to teach Lukashenka to ski:

“No, nothing like that. He arrived with his family so I think he has the right to have a rest. Our purpose is to organize concerts and not to burden him with such activties”.

Taking into account the result of the “Belarusian Skiing”, we got interested who is better at skiing to Iryna’s point of view:

“I don’t know. Every one is training according to their schedule and has a coach. That’s why I think that our skiers are the best here”.

Iryna also told us that it was impossible to meet the President in informal surroundings but there were semi-official dinners with the whole Belarusian delegation. Everyone could talk to Lukashenka there. The singer shares her impressions with us:

“As you see, the meetings are enough to be inspired for new work. I am very grateful for this opportunity to communicate with such interesting and talented people who have expressed themselves to the full in their fields”.

I would like to add that Alyaksandr Rygoravіch decided to stick to the tradition of making presents. But, in contrast to the previous present (piece of lard given to Darafeeva), he presented everyone with a bottle of local balm and honey.

By the way, Iryna assured us that everyone decided to keep those presents and bring them to Minsk. According to “KP Kuban” there is a wooden house with baths not far from the complex. There are rumors that the Belarusian President will stay there during his future visits to Sochi.

Let me remind you that Lukashenka and his family will stay in Sochi till Friday.

Photo by “KP—Kuban”