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Lukashenka slams Russia over foodstuffs trade hurdles

Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Photo:

Visitng Dziarzynsk ditrict in central Belarus on a working trip on 30 March, President Aliaksandr Lukashenka ordered the government to seek new markets for Belarusian foodstuffs in light of the hurdles created by Russia on its market

“As for export, look for other markets. If Russia does understand you and does not want to understand, well, I will meet with the Russian president after the inauguration to discuss all the issues in detail. We need to clarify things. If they are going to pressurize us for no matter what, we will seek our fortune in other places. Therefore, look for other markets. You should not focus on one market all the time,” the head of state is quoted by BELTA news agency as saying.

Lukashenka also complained about the 'kickbacks' that Russian officials allegedly receive when they clear the imports of foodstuffs from such countries like New Zealand but create hurdles for Belarusian dairy products. “We do not sell bad products to them," the Belarus leader stressed.

Russian food safety authorities regularly detect banned substances in Belarusian foodstuffs and impose restrictions on Belarusian enterprises. Lukashenka says he will clarify things with President Putin after his inauguration but "we are doing a good thing but have to stand on our knees all the time."