Lukashenka: Russia wants no economic wars and did not fight in Ukraine


"Knowing phsychology and knowing very well the Russian leadership, [I reckon] Russia does not want to be at economic war with nobody especially in this situation," BELTA quotes Lukashenka as telling reporters in Chisinau. 

He expressed views that the relations with Russia would soon be normalized, if Ukraine, Moldova and other countries that have signed the association deal with the European Union did not harm Russia and the Russian economy. Lukashenka reckons that Russia is trying to defend itself in this situation. 

He added that not only in Russia but also in Belarus there is a certan caution and he told about this to Petro Poroshenko during the recent summit in Minsk. 

At the same time, Lukashenka described as not right and unconstitutional what happened in Maidan. Yet, he reckons there will be no war in Ukraine.  "No one needs war. Wars are fought when someone hopes to win, but all the sides involved are convinced they will not be able ti win - neither the Ukrainian army nor the resistance army which is also called separatists. Many people believe Russia is fighting there, but Russia has not fought there. If Russia begins to fight a war there, it will not win either. It can only make things worse if it fights a war there." 

Photo: BELTA