Lukashenka to run for the fourth term

The Belarus President Aliaksandr Lukashenka told Reuters on Tuesday that he was to run for the fourth presidential term. But, no exact quotation of Lukashenka is available.

But, the president said the political demands of the West leading to his resignation were not acceptable. However, he would try to win a reputation of a reliable partner for a long period of time, including the forth presindential term, Reuters said.

Thus, the Belarus ruler has linked the possibility of running for the forth term with building stable relations with the West.

The opposition leader, Aliaksandr Milinkevich, has unexpectedly responded to Lukashenka's proposal to build up new relations between Minsk and Europe, offering himself as a mediator.

"The Belarusians have a traditional way of helping through talaka (working together). In my view, the time of talaka has come so that we work in the name of Belarus,"  the politician wrote in an open letter to the "head of the Republic of Belarus."

I agree to take use of my international authority and the contacts of the pro-democracy forces to solve together the problems, which Belarus is facing and which demand an immediate solution," Milinkevich said.

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