Lukashenka: People will understand me if I cut wages and pensions by $1bln

One of the questions was about Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s intention to support families with newborn children by sending $10 thousand to their accounts. Journalists calculated that the state would need to allocate about 2 billion dollars for it every year.

He was misunderstood, Lukashenka stressed: “Speaking about those billions, people misunderstood me... Our biggest problem is the population... We need to find that billion to encourage women to give birth to children and we need to provide support to families”.

Some person prepared a note with the idea of the Big Family project and sums for Lukashenka.

 "The enemies started mocking at us and asking ‘where will he find that billion?’” Lukashenka emphasized. You do not need billion of dollars, one project will require $2350 million and the other – about $800 million a year, he said.

 "We do not need a billion for it. It is only a suggestion. I need to choose the best variant. It may be 20 or 5 thousands. It will depend on the economic situation in the country,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka claimed.

“You cannot do anything without people, there will be no sovereignty,” Lukashenka said. “People will get it when I reduce the wages and pensions by one billion,” the Belarusian President assured.