Lukashenka: neither Belarus nor Russia needs Russian airbase here

Лукашэнка: расійская авіябаза ў нас не патрэбная ні Беларусі, ні Расіі

Deployment of the Russian airbase in Belarus is needed neither by Belarus nor the Russian side, said Aliaksandr Lukashenka during his speech before the gathering of the operational commanders of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

The Head of State pointed out that in times of peace Belarus is patrolled by air defense forces, which also include a Russian component.

At the same time, Lukashenka noted that in the case of military aggression against Belarus, just like against Russia, a joint regional grouping will be used. Besides the Belarusian Armed Forces there will be deployed large forces of the Russian army, including a significant number of Russian aviation units.

For this to be possible, airfields in Belarus are kept in good condition and ready to accomodate hundreds of aircraft, including those of the Russian Federation for the Defense of Russia and Belarus, the president said.

He also noted that deployment of the Russian military base in our country would bring more disadvantages than advantages for both Belarus and Russia, BelTA reports.