Lukashenka got up to 90% at polling stations with early voting

The re-elected head of state received up to 90 per cent of votes at the polling stations were students had voted early, reports Central Election Commission. In Slutsk, 69.5 per cent of Medical College students voted early at the polling station No 21  - not on Election Day.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka got here 90 per cent of votes. This is more than on average across the country. Tatsiana Karatkevich received only 4.5 per cent  - almost matching the officially announced figures. 1.9 per cent voted against all.

At the polling station No 4 at the Agricultural and Technical Lyceum in Smaliavichy, 63 per cent voted early. There president elect go there 80 per cent of votes. This is close to the figures for the whole country yet less than the results announced by Central Election Commission (83.4 per cent). Tatsiana Karatkevich got only 3.6 per cent  - less than for the whole country. 5.5 per cent of voters said no to all candidates. 160 students damaged their ballot papers.

57 per cent of Homel University students (Transport Faculty) voted earlier and went to their villages for the weekend. This is polling station No 27 in Chyhunachny District. The incumbent got an 'elegant' victory here with 81 per cent. The female candidate got 4.4 per cent. 4 per cent of students voted against all.

Architecture College in Minsk. 65 per cent voted early here. Lukashenka got almost the same number - 61 per cent of votes. In general for Minsk, more people voted for him (65.8 per cent). Tatsiana Karatkevich got 9.4 per cent. This is more than she got in Minsk in general. 21 per cent of students voted against all.

This is again more than in Minsk in general.

For many years, observers and opposition leaders have complained against early absentee voting, fearing that's when election results are rigged. However, one can see that at some polling stations where the majority voted early, Lukashenka could get less votes than in general for the whole country, according to the data from Central Election Commission. It appears early voting boosts the turnout, which this year was high during both early voting and on Election Day, according to CEC.

Meanwhile, independent observers have described the polls as non-transparent and udemocratic and doubted the officially announced figures.