Lukashenka eyes Karelia fish


Direct shipment of big scopes of fish from Karelia to Belarus was among the main topics the parties have discussed. Lukashenka has addressed to Hudilainen with a corresponding offer.


He has underlined that Belarus has a need for the steady provision of high-quality and available fish and sea food to the population. Belarus is ready to buy them from Karelia, but in case no intermediates are involved.

According to Alyaksandr Lukashenka, for our country "it is easier to agree" with Karelia. "We are close people and we will have no need to go to the European Union with that,"  BELTA quotes the state leader. "We have certain positions there, we get fish supplies from there and let it work. However, we still need a powerful channel. We would be very interested if you have a wish to work in this direction."

Photo -, BELTA