Lukashenka: EAEU agreement is different from what we expected


Alyaksandr Lukashenka claimed it at a meeting on May 28. The meeting was held before his visit to Kazakhstan. A meeting of the state leaders of members of the Higher Eurasian Economic Council will be held there. The Presidents of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan will sign the EAEU creation agreement in Astana on May 29.

 "The agreement that we are going to sign is a compromise. It is not the agreement expected by Belarus and not the one mentioned by our partners, namely the Russian Federation. We discussed an economic union of full value – nobody forced anyone to do it. We suggested an agreement without any exceptions and restrictions,” BELTA quotes Lukashenka.

The EAEU agreement consists of about 700 pages, 8 paragraphs, 118 articles and 32 addenda.

Photo: Telegraf-EPA