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Lukashenka does not condole with relatives of killed Belarusians. Why?


Alyaksandr Lukashenka never condoles with the relatives of murdered Belarusians. There are only condolences with the Presidents of other states or with the relatives of stars who passed away. There are no other condolences at

Lukashenka condoled on the blast in a block of flats in Magnitogorsk, Russia.

There are condolences with the relatives of people who died in the fire in the shopping centre “Zimnyaya Vishnya” in Kemerovo, Russia.

Lukashenka condoled with the Brazilian President on a break of dam, with the President of the Philippines on a blast in a Catholic church, with the Polish President on the murder of the Mayor of Gdansk. There are a lot of other condolences on his website.

What about Belarus? It is an obituary. Lukashenka condoled on the death of people’s artists Ihar Luchanok, Lyudmila Yafimava, Henadz Harbuk, Eduard Zarytski, Mikalai Kirychenka, statesman Mikalai Dzemyantsei, weight-lifter Alyaksandr Kurlovich and many other people. However, there are no condolences on the terrible murders and catastrophes that are taking place in our quiet country.


The official website of the Belarusian President contains no condolences with the relatives of people killed and wounded in February 11 school attack in Stoubtsy. Only the Ministry of Education has expressed condolences. Lukashenka just chewed officials out and demanded to appoint the guilty: “The head of the District Executive Committee must give account for it in the first place. The Mistier of Education must do it too. Why haven’t they put schools in order?”

He did not condole with the victims of ‘the chainsaw massacre’ organized by Uladzislau Kazakevich, with the relatives of children who died after vaccination, with the relatives of the family of Vitsebsk football player Andrei Shcharbakou who all died in a car accident and with the mothers of the young women murdered in Babruisk. He has not condoled with many of those whose tragedies touched us.

There are no condolences on the terrorist act in Minsk metro station “Kastrychnitskaya” on the website either – it was one of the bloodiest tragedies in the history of independent Belarus. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev condoled with Belarusians back then. Lukashenka only announced that the organizers of the terrorist acts had been found soon afterwards. And that was it.