Lukashenka counts on China in human rights issues


Alyaksandr Lukashenka also confirmed his readiness to stand against the West's attacks regarding the issue of human rights preservation together with the People's Republic of China. He made this statement on Friday at the meeting with

  • Meng Jianzhu, Head of the Central Politics and Law Commission of the Communist Party of China.

"We have always supported and will always support you in the issue of territorial unity of China, and we will stand beside you against some forces from the West on human rights and other issues. This is a familiar topic for us," quotes as Lukashenka says.

He also said that Belarus and China "have absolutely no problems as for the vision of perspectives of the development of the situation in the world." "We have similar views on the world's agenda. China stays in the advance guard of the struggle for the multi-polar world and we also stick to this position," Lukashenka said.

Photo - BELTA