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Lukashenka aims to 'strengthen' KGB

Meeting to improve KGB performance / @pul_1

A meeting between Aliaksandr Lukashenka, Head of the Presidential Administration Ihar Siarheyenka, State Secretary of the Security Council Aliaksandr Volfavich, and KGB Chairman Ivan Tsertel was devoted to the revision of the KGB activities. The theme was: "Improvement of the work and development of the State Security Committee".

Lukashenka immediately stated that "we do not need any simple changes".

According to him, the KGB should strengthen its existing functions. Among the areas in need of "strengthening," he named intelligence, counterintelligence, protection of constitutional order and anti-terrorist activities. But it may be necessary to "create new functions, especially with the information security that the country should have, as well as with the hybrid warfare, which is deployed not only against Belarus," said Lukashenka.

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