Latushka: Authorities may have opted for use of force scenario

Pavel Latushka / Euroradio

Most likely, the authorities have chosen a use-of-force option to resolve the situation with protests in Belarus, former Belarus ambassador in Paris, ex-culture minister and member of the Coordination Council Pavel Latushka told Euroradio. Earlier this week, he was sacked from the post of Yanka Kupala National Drama Theater director for publically speaking out in support of the protests against the falsification of presidential elections.

Latushka reckons the authorities are trying to reduce the scale of protests but "the whole huge community which has already voiced its stance will not change its approach. It will only strengthen it," the politician says. He is confident that people will be voicing this stance publically. "If not today, then tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Those in power and the security services should understand it," Pavel Latushka said.

"Is power such a powerful drug that does not allow to take decisions in the interests of other people?!" Latushska said, adding that he is confident there is no other way out than dialogue.

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